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New Music Video For ‘Saint Mars’ Single ‘Loveghost’

New Music Video For Saint Mars Single ‘Loveghost’

Saint Mars is a new alternative rock-pop band founded by Cedric Aegerter (a.k.a. Marc Darcange or M.D.) and based in Bristol (U.K.) and Switzerland. The band features prestigious musicians, such as the guitarist of the legendary Trip-Hop collective Massive Attack (Angelo Bruschini). The band released their debut EP in early 2017, accompanied by a video… Read more »

StrangeJuice Release New Album ‘Raising Cannibals’ 10th May

Strangejuice is a prolific underground indie outfit who mix absurdist prose with conventional and unconventional musical instruments and artistic approach. With a discography of ten album releases spanning over a decade, StrangeJuice has a small cult following that keep catalogue of StrangeJuice’s life’s work and purpose here in the universe. From banjo plucks, screeching birds… Read more »