New Music Video For ‘Saint Mars’ Single ‘Loveghost’

New Music Video For Saint Mars Single ‘Loveghost’

Saint Mars is a new alternative rock-pop band founded by Cedric Aegerter (a.k.a. Marc Darcange or M.D.) and based in Bristol (U.K.) and Switzerland. The band features prestigious musicians, such as the guitarist of the legendary Trip-Hop collective Massive Attack (Angelo Bruschini).

The band released their debut EP in early 2017, accompanied by a video clip (“Ocean Blues”), to great critical acclaim, some even claiming it was the « most promising alternative rock band to come out of the U.K. for some time.

According to the media, the specificity and originality of the band reside in the integration of French and English baroque music elements.

The band is currently working on its first full length album, “Boys Never Cry”, a concept album about a boy’s bullying experience. Produced by Aubrey Whiteld (London, UK), the album has been written in collaboration with American songwriter Britt Warner (October’s Child, Los Angeles, CA). The sound of the album is modern and innovative, both influenced by hip hop and baroque music. In search of an original approach, the band looked for a young singer able to perform the vocal parts of the album revolving around the experience of this young boy. Tryzdin (12 at that time, from Columbus, Ohio) was chosen without hesitation and will perform on most tracks of the album.

Since we were writing our first concept album about bullying », M.D. says, « I felt the need to find a young singer who could give credibility to the album. That young singer was supposed to play the boy bullied by his classmates. The problem is that I couldn’t find anybody around where I lived and I got pretty despaired. So…one day I started to search on Youtube. And the first one I found was a 11-year old boy with a weird name, Tryzdin, singing « Hello » and “The One and Only” by Adele….and something happened; I don’t know exactly what, but Tryzdin triggered something in me and I felt that he was the only one I would ever need.

“I flew to Columbus in October 2017 to record him”, M.D. says, “We were supposed to record one track only but I came back with six ! And we haven’t stopped working together since then… To this day, we’ve made more than twelve songs together, among them « Somewhere Somebody », the first song specially written for him with a songwriter partner, Britt Warner (from Silverlake in California). The song was written before I actually met him, which is surprising because it totally reflects who he is. One would say it could only have been written by him or someone who really knew him…That is one of the great mysteries of my encounter with Tryzdin.”

“I felt nervous at the start because I didn’t know what it would be like,” Tryzdin says. “The first sessions were quite hard for me as I was more used to live performance and singing one song after another. Suddenly I was in an environment where I had to sing the same song part over and over again.”

“Tryzdin often asked me during a take ‘Is that it? Am I doing good?’ », M.D. remembers. “Most of the time, I had to reply ‘No, we need more takes’. It was impossible to make a session last more than 30 to 45 minutes, because he would lose his focus (he was only 12 at that time). So we would take regular breaks and do something totally different, like walking outside or going to the mall. We both enjoyed the experience and this hybrid way of working.”

The two first singles and videos of the band featuring Tryzdin, “Somewhere Sombebody” and « Ocean Blues (acoustic) » were realeased in April-May 2018. They were received in the press with rave reviews ( and already gained more than 250,000 views on Youtube.

Album preparation led Saint Mars and Tryzdin to the Swiss Alps, where the two next Saint Mars singles and videos, “Loveghost” and “The Pacic State”, were shot. The two singles will feature, along with Tryzdin, Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran, rap star from Bristol and Ed Sheeran’s cousin. Jethro “Alonestar” Sheeran has just topped the billboard charts in the US with the single “Outlaw” and the album “Tropical House to Jamaïca”.

The band will perform their first live shows in the second half of 2019.

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