StrangeJuice Release New Album ‘Raising Cannibals’ 10th May

Strangejuice is a prolific underground indie outfit who mix absurdist prose with conventional and unconventional musical instruments and artistic approach. With a discography of ten album releases spanning over a decade, StrangeJuice has a small cult following that keep catalogue of StrangeJuice’s life’s work and purpose here in the universe.

From banjo plucks, screeching birds and shuffling cards, StrangeJuice records and masters all their work in a secret studio in Perth, Western Australia overlooking the mountains where the alcohol flows as free as the natural rivers.

The latest full-length album from prolific underground indie rock outfit StrangeJuice entitled ‘Raising Cannibals’ is due for independent release May 10th.

During the writing and creation of this album, nothing was sober, everything was afternoon, and there was a constant background of live chickens. The entire record was conceived and created in roughly two weeks, so nothing had long enough to be overthought, contrived, or to become stale.

“Unexpectedly beautiful” – Gigsoup

“freakin’ amazing on every level” – Sleepingbag Studios

“deep, strange and thought provoking” – Dancing About Architecture

“a “must listen to” artist.” – GothicGuru

“Dreamy with a strong sense of intimacy” – Beachsloth

“StrangeJuice is an anti-everything” – All That Chernobyl

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